WATCH: The Killer Bride Full Trailer is Out Starring Maja Salvador, Joshua Garcia, and Janella Salvador

The full trailer for ‘The Killer Bride’ is finally here!

The series stars Maja Salvador as Camila dela Torre, whom we see riding on a horse right in the beginning of the trailer. After a montage of seemingly happy moments, we see Camila lying in a field in a wedding dress with a knife and a lot of blood in her hands. She doesn’t seem to remember what happened and she tries to run away from the crime, but gets caught and sent to prison before she gets very far.

Soon after that, Camila dies in a fire while screaming that she’ll be back for revenge. It is believed that she is merely waiting for the right body to possess… Watch the trailer here:


‘The Killer Bride’ will start showing on ABS-CBN on August 12. Will you be watching?

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