WATCH: The First Teaser for ‘Castlevania’ is Here!

Back in the 90s, one of my favorite video games on my Nintendo consoles was ‘Castlevania’. I remember playing all of the games religiously up until I got a Gameboy Advance. I’m actually not sure why I stopped playing it, but it hasn’t stopped me from getting excited for the upcoming ‘Castlevania’ series on Netflix.

The teaser trailer shows someone putting a ‘Castlevania’ cartridge into their Nintendo Entertainment System console (remember those?) The system then boots up with a menu of different Netflix shows in an old school graphics manner. And then the teaser for ‘Castlevania’ starts… and it has the same feel that I remember the video games having – a dark and medieval feel that always got to me. Check it out here:


Although this is just a teaser trailer, we are pretty happy with how it looks so far. ‘Castlevania’ is set to show on Netflix on July 7 with four episodes to start. Are you looking forward to this? 🙂