WATCH: The Cast of “Sonny with a Chance” Reunited and it Was So Much Fun

If you grew up in the ’90s and the early ’00s, chances are, you watched the hit Disney show Sonny with a Chance. In the series, Demi Lovato played Sonny Munroe, a teenager who joins the sketch comedy TV show So Random.

Nine years after it went off the air, the cast met up again via video call for a reunion and you can watch it below:

In the reunion, Lovato, Sterling Knight, Tiffany Thornton, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Audrey Whitby, Doug Brochu, Shayne Topp, and Damien Haas met up online to talk about their time filming Sonny with a Chance, along with the spin-off So Random!

Lovato talked about her struggles with her mental health. She said, “I wasn’t sleeping and I was so miserable and angry too because I felt like I was being overworked.” When she left the show, she was surprised they went on without her, saying, “When I left, you don’t expect your show to go on without you, but it did.”

However, she clarified that she has nothing but love for her castmates. According to her, “I love all of you guys so much, but I went through so much during that show that I would rather just start a whole new project with all of you. When I think about the show, I miss you guys. And I miss spending time with you and joking and going to Kitchen 24 on our lunch breaks… If we were ever to do anything, I think we should just do a whole new thing.”

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