WATCH: ‘The Boss Baby’ Teaser Trailer is Getting Us Excited!

I don’t care what anybody says; animated movies are not just for kids. In fact, a lot of the time, I find myself getting more excited for animated movies than for non-animated movies nowadays. So, the minute I saw the thumbnail of the teaser trailer for DreamWorks’ “The Boss Baby”, I knew I just had to watch it right away – and I have absolutely no regrets.

In the trailer, Tim is introduced to his new baby brother – but it’s no ordinary baby boy he’s introduced to. With the voice of Alec Baldwin, this baby looks like the coolest baby I’ve seen since Stewie from Family Guy. He wears a suit, he carries a suitcase; heck, he could be the baby version of Barney Stinson. Watch the cute teaser trailer here:

“The Boss Baby” will be out in cinemas in March 2017. Who plans on watching it? *raises hand*

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