WATCH: The ‘Black Panther’ Trailer Is Here And People Are Raving About It


With the recent success of one of DC’s best films of this time, it would be inevitable that Marvel would make its move. It was only a matter of time. Fortunately, Marvel fans didn’t have to wait for so long.

Just yesterday, the studio released the first trailer for Black Panther, the newest Marvel superhero that was introduced in Captain America: Civil War. And it already looks so promising.

Check it out below:

In this film, we get to know more about the Wakandan King turned superhero and the rebellion that has risen after his return from fighting with the Avengers.

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Even with just the trailer, I could already say that this film is going to be a feast for the eyes. And people already had a lot to say about everything in the trailer.

Those wardrobe designs NEED to be on a runway.

Bad-ass women FTW.

And with the Black Panther being one of the rare times that a person of color has become the main superhero, of course, people would take a jab at that issue.

But nevertheless, the Black Panther trailer is glorious and I cannot wait to see it in theaters. Make it happen quickly, Marvel!

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