WATCH: This Teenager was Given 8 Hours of Community Service for Littering at Manila Bay

Just a week after the rehabilitation project for Manila Bay, people have been proud to say that not a lot of trash can be found around the area anymore. However, it seems that some people still aren’t taking the situation of littering lightly. As seen in a video posted by News5, a teenager sitting with a group of his friends was caught littering, throwing away the plastic wrapper of his iced candy.

Ba’t ka nagkalat? Alam mo naman nililinis na namin ‘to, nagkakalat pa kayo eh pano malilinis ‘to kung hindi kayo makikipagtulungan?” [“Why did you litter? You know that we’re already cleaning this up, and you’re still littering. How will we clean this up if you don’t help out?”] Apparently, the teenager was supposed to be fined 500 pesos; but since he didn’t have the money, he was given 8 hours of community service instead.

Watch the full video here:


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The MMDA says that the ‘no littering’ policy in Manila Bay is now being taken seriously. Let’s hope they’ll do the same for the rest of the country, and let’s please all do our part.

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