WATCH: Teatro San Pio Decimo’s Ang Mana Ng Pamilya Bonaventura: The Musical





 “Akin ang Mana!”

Traditions and norms with regards to inheritance have always been in our culture even before the World War. Personal interests are inevitable among the members of the family. This year, Teatro San Pio Decimo (TSPD) celebrates its 6th season by coming up with a new musical to be staged on April 11, 2017, a stage play entitled: Ang Mana ngPamilya Bonaventura: The Musical.

Each year, TSPD, a community theater company, performs every lent as a part of its service to the community and for the Church. It aims to evangelize through the use of theater performances. Most of the plays they produce are inspired by the teachings of morality, love, and compassion. TSPD aims to showcase the unwavering talents of youth over the community and as well as nurturing the skills and helping the Parish of St. Pius X, with the endeavors and future activities that empower the youth.

This year’s play; Ang Mana ngPamilya Bonaventura is a story of a rich family divided by their intentions towards the vast fortune of their family. Set in the year 1947 after the 2nd World War, Doña Esperanza Bonaventura; the matriarch of the family has decided to go back to the Philippines due to her illness after spending most of the years of her life managing their family businesses abroad.Dying from a terminal disease, she wanted to bring her family together for the last time before it’s too late. Her seven children namely: Primo, Orlando, Claudia, Lara, Godofredo, Lorenzo, nd Sylvia, who are left in the care of Francisca Manalang. Iska and Conchita De Guzman was hired by Doña Esperanza to look over her Children while she was away. Will peace and love find its way to the hearts of her children?

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