WATCH: Taylor Swift Reveals New Track Called ‘The Archer’

Swifties, here’s something to spice up your day. You can now listen to one of Taylor Swift’s new tracks! The new song is titled The Archer and some Pinoy Swifties might joke about it being a song for La Sallians. Some fans have speculated that the title is a reference to the artist’s zodiac sign–Sagittarius.

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You can take a look at the lyric video of the new song below. Enjoy listening to Taytay’s new song!

In a live Instagram video, Taylor Swift shed some light about the song. “The Archer is not the next single. It’s just a song I love on the album. I haven’t made a video for it or anything. This is just sort of a glimpse into another side of the album I wanted to show you,” explained Swift.

The song is actually one of the tracks found in her upcoming album called Lover. The whole album is expected to drop on August 23, 2019. We can’t wait to hear the whole lineup!

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