WATCH: Taal’s Crater Lake Offers More Beyond the Viewdeck

Taal Lake isn’t exactly a new ‘attraction’. However, it is still on a lot of people’s travel bucketlists, as it was on Frances Trinidad’s. “It has been on my bucketlist to trail Taal and see the vulcanic activities there,” she shares; and it seems that she wasn’t disappointed at all. In fact, she was ecstatic!

“It’s amazing that the crater lake was beyond what I expected,” she says. “It’s breathtakingly beautiful!” Frances noticed that most of the tourists just opt to go to the viewdeck, but she points out that the crater lake offers far more beyond what the viewdeck can offer. Check out her video on Taal here:

Taal is only two hours away from Metro Manila by private car or three hours by bus going to Talisay, making this popular view in Batangas pretty easy to reach. Here is how Frances explored Taal:

  • Calauit Trail, one of the trails, took her to the crater lake that allowed her to commune with Taal up-close.
  • From Talisay, she took a boat ride (Php2,500-3,000) to get to the volcano island.
  • A trek of 1.5 hours took her down to the crater. (Conversely, you can ride a horse at Php1,000 per head.)

According to Frances, getting there isn’t a problem whatsoever. Plus, there are a lot of travel and tours companies out there that provide good packages for Taal.

An extra tip from Frances: pack your own food because there are no locals that sell anything by the crater lake. It will just be you, the island, the volcano, and the lake.

Have you been here yet? Share your experiences with us! 🙂