WATCH: Student Cuts Off Her Hair to Avoid School Penalties

Do you ever have a hard time following the rules in school or at work? I still remember all of the strict rules I had to follow in high school. Our skirts couldn’t be too short. We weren’t allowed to have piercings outside of the regular two ear piercings. We weren’t allowed to wear nail polish. We couldn’t even have long nails! Apparently, one rule at one school here in the Philippines is not to have dyed hair.

And to avoid a penalty, one student named Nicole completely cut off her hair before entering school. Samantha Dana Bug-Os posted a video of her schoolmate cutting off her hair. She just grabbed some scissors and went at it, seemingly without thinking about the consequences of having shorter, uneven hair afterwards. Watch the video here:


In the caption, Samantha says, “I can’t believe you did this Nichole!!! I still can’t move on! So my friend was about to get a violation because she had highlights (dyed hair is frowned upon in school) and then this happened .. You da real mvp.”

She also added the following pictures showing the cut-off hair and what Nicole’s hair looked like afterwards:



Intense! What would you have done in her situation?