WATCH: Starbucks’ tear-jerking ad about a trans teen changing his name made us cry!

Did you need a good cry today? We got you. Starbucks UK released an ad about a trans teen grappling with other people consistently using a name he no longer associates with–also known in the LGBT community as a “deadname.” James is consistently called Jemma rather than his chosen name and it seems to take an emotional toll on him. Until, of course, he is welcomed warmly with a name that he has chosen for himself.

And where is that? Starbucks. They have no qualms with his chosen name and, in a monumental way, acknowledge who he is and who he has chosen to be. While it doesn’t seem like such a grand gesture, it means the world to James to be called by his name. And he smiles as he takes his cup, correctly labeled for him. It shows that whoever you are and whatever your story is, there’s a place to welcome you.

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