WATCH: Stan Lee’s got something to say about Thanos (and it’s hilarious)!

Stan Lee, our true hero, has something to say about Thanos!

The adorable creator of a lot of what we hold near and dear seemed stunned by the events of Infinity War (even though he made that hilarious cameo as the bus driver anyway).

“Holy smokes. I go out of town for a few days and when I get back I find out that Thanos has destroyed everything, all my characters! That’s the last time I ever take a discount vacation.”

Ugh, so cute. We love and support the creator of everything Marvel! What a beautiful man.

Watch the video here:

Also, I am now going to be using the phrase “holy smokes” more often in daily conversation. Do you think it’ll work out? LOL

Did you react the same way? Let us know!

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