WATCH: Someone Made a Live-Action Trailer of Daria!

Someone Made a Live-Action Trailer of Daria!


Those who were born in the ’90s are probably familiar with Daria, the MTV show that followed a misanthropic teenager named Daria as she dealt with high school life. Since it premiered in 1997, it has received good reviews, with the New York Times saying it is a blast of fresh air. And as the show is celebrating its 20th anniversary on March 3, we’d like to look back at a live-action trailer for a Daria movie.

The trailer was made three years ago by comedy website College Humor, and is set years after the run of the show. Aubrey Plaza plays the titular character, who returns to the fictional town of Lawndale to attend her class reunion.

Watch the video below:

The character Daria first appeared in several episodes of Beavis and Butthead, then starred in her own show. For five years and five seasons, the show lampooned high school life and made references to pop culture and social classes. In 2013, Daria was included in a list of “best female cartoon characters” by the Daily Telegraph.

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