WATCH: Solenn Lets Nico Do Her Makeup

To teach her husband a valuable lesson, Solenn Heussaff allowed Nico Bolzico to do her makeup.

Now, even if you are an expert in putting on makeup and you truly believe that “kilay is life” then you understand how difficult this is.

On a YouTube post, Solenn said, “I wanted him to understand that, honestly, makeup is like art and like all beautiful art, it takes time and effort to do.” This is to let Nico understand that the “struggle is real” and he should not rush Solenn when she’s preparing.

Nico admitted that prior to this, he has never applied makeup.

“If there are any guys reading this, instead of telling your girl to hurry up or insisting that she looks soooo much better without makeup, just appreciate how good she looks,” Solenn added.

Check out the full video below.

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