WATCH: Solenn Heussaff Reveals She Almost Gave Birth at 5 Months Due To Difficult Pregnancy

Despite the pranks and the fitness photos, Solenn Heussaff revealed that her pregnancy wasn’t at all as smooth-sailing as it seemed.

In an emotional vlog, the new mom opened up about all the struggles she faced in the past 9 months leading up to the birth of her daughter, Thylane Katana.


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She described the whole journey as a “rollercoaster” where everything was “fine” in the first four months. She had no morning sickness, no food cravings, and no mood swings—the “easiest pregnancy ever,” as she claimed in the beginning.

But it all changed when she visited the doctor in her fifth month.

“Our baby was in the 10th percentile, meaning it was a very small baby which got us a bit worried,” she shared. “It was still growing, my baby was still growing, but it was still very small. So I would have to say that that was the worst week and a half, two weeks of my life.”

“I remember Nico and I were crying every day. We almost thought we would have to give birth at five months, which was obviously a very scary thing,” she added.

It didn’t help that she found out that she prone to antiphospholipid syndrome, which is a disorder of the immune system that can cause many problems such as thrombosis and even miscarriage. To combat it, she had to take injections and blood fillers. She even shared photos of her bruises all over her belly and arms.

“I don’t know why there were so many complications and I feel so good so I didn’t get it. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me,” she lamented.

Thankfully, her husband Nico Bolzico was “so good” at being her nurse and giving her the daily injections she needed. Eventually, the baby went up to the 30th percentile.

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Solenn also shared that she had to change her diet from 1,200 calories to 3,000 calories. “Who would’ve thought that eating would be so hard?” she mused. But then she faced another obstacle: placental calcification, which is when small, round calcium deposits build up on the placenta, causing it to deteriorate gradually.

She even had to take intralipid infusion just in case she needed to give birth to her baby earlier than expected.

She expressed gratitude for her many friends who were also pregnant at the time, some of whom were going through the same thing, for inspiring her to keep fighting.

Tearing up, she said, “It’s been a long, long journey and I’m so happy I’m finally at the end.”

Cheers, Solenn! Congratulations on the healthy birth of your baby!

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