WATCH: Skydivers Play Quidditch!

WATCH Skydivers Play Quidditch

If you think playing Quidditch in real is impossible, think again. A group of skydivers played a short round of the sport, complete with broomsticks, a ring-shaped goal, and a Quaffle.

For those not familiar with Quidditch, it is a semi-contact sport set in the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter universe. Two teams composed of seven players each must score the most points through the chaser, who must shoot the Quaffle through three hoops. A keeper acts as the goalie and protects the hoops from the chasers of the opposing team. While all this is happening, two Bludgers fly around the ring and indiscriminately knock off players, and beaters must protect their chasers from these balls using wooden clubs. The game ends when the seeker catches the Golden Snitch, a tiny golden ball, which will grant the team 150 points. And if this is not complicated enough, all players ride on broomsticks.

In the Harry Potter series, Potter plays the seeker for Gryffindor and becomes captain in his sixth year in Hogwarts.

Watch this daredevil group of skydivers reenact a Quidditch game below, as posted by The Independent:

This is what a real life Quidditch game looks like

Posted by The Independent on Friday, May 6, 2016


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