WATCH: Singaporean Taxi Driver Praises Davao City, Compares It to Singapore

Early this year, Davao City was dubbed as one of the safest cities in the world according to website Numbeo. Many deem that this is due to the strict policies implemented by incumbent Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is currently a candidate for presidency in the 2016 National Elections. However, a netizen posted a quick research he did that somewhat “debunks” the claim that Davao City is really on the top list of safest cities in the world.

Still, if you have visited Davao City in the past, you can observe that it is quite different with what we are exposed in Metro Manila. Personally, I find that the strict rules like when it comes to smoking in public places really commendable. Another good experience is that taxi drivers in Davao City give the exact exchange, almost to the exact centavo. So, it really seems that they are doing something right in that city.

Someone took notice of this, a Singaporean taxi driver for that matter.

Watch this video how he “praised” Davao City, saying that it is safe in Singapore because “the laws are like in Davao City,” they are strict.

Do you agree with him? What do you think of the policies in Davao City and how they are implemented?

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