WATCH: Sam Smith’s cover of “Fix You” will move you to tears

Ever just needed a song to cry to?

Something that would pull out all the hurt in your heart and finally put your worries to rest? Like someone consoling you while crooning into a microphone? I’ve got the perfect cathartic one for you. Sam Smith’s beautiful voice paired with the gorgeous lyrics of Coldplay’s “Fix You” made me bawl like a baby, feeling like I was surrounded by thousands of people for a collective hug. It was moving and it was a welcome crying session.

For all of us who feel a little lost or anxious during the pandemic, I think this is a good cover to listen to. It felt warm and it felt like hope. And I know that’s in short supply lately.

Give it a listen here:

I hope you feel better and your days are good despite all the challenges we’re all going through. Fight on!

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