WATCH: Sad Snowman Looks for Love in this New Pentatonix Christmas Video

“Goodbye, my friend. Will I ever love again?”

An exact opposite of Olaf, this snowman in Pentatonix’s new music video might just be the most emo snowman this world has ever seen. Does he also like warm hugs? Once, probably. Until a snowwoman shattered his fragile heart into tiny piecesmuch like the fallen Christmas balls featured in the video.

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The song, Coldest Winter, is a single off a cappella group Pentatonix’s Christmas LP, A Pentatonix Christmas. The album was released October of this year, but this music video is out fresh, just in time for Christmas.

Watch the music video featuring the saddest snowman here:

What do you think of the video? Did the snowman’s story resonate with yours? :p Share your ~feels~ in the comments.