WATCH: Ryan Reynolds on how he “vanished into the role” for Detective Pikachu

It looks like one thing Detective Pikachu and Deadpool have in common (aside from Ryan Reynolds, obviously), is its shameless promotional strategy. The live-action adaptation of this fan-favorite furry Pokemon already garnered quite the buzz with its first trailer alone, but they’re not stopping there.

(Detective Pikachu: A Furry Pokemon with Deadpool’s Voice)

Ryan Reynolds recently posted a ‘dramatic’ featurette where he tells all about his preparation for the role. He quite passionately takes us through his journey of “becoming Pikachu”. There are mentions of method acting and him ‘vanishing into roles’ — sometimes literally at that.

The best part? Reynolds even got his wife, Blake Lively, in on the ‘interview’ and talking about his method scornfully. You’ve got to admit, his trolling is never half-way done, no matter how ridiculous the concept is.

(You can now live your weeaboo dreams with this Pokemon wedding)

You can check out the full video below:


Has this convinced you to go see Detective Pikachu in cinemas?