WATCH: Richard Gutierrez Surprising Sarah Lahbati At A Movie Premiere Is Legit #RelationshipGoals

We’ve got a lot of high-key It Couples in our local entertainment industry, and while some end up doing a lot of low-key stuff in their relationship, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t interested. Take Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati for example.

Sure, they aren’t exactly the most low-key couple in the industry, but it’s not always that we get to see their romance in public. Which is why a lot of people couldn’t help their kilig when Richard Gutierrez showed up unannounced at a movie premiere that Sarah Lahbati was attending.

The actress posted a video of the whole thing on her Facebook page:

Even Sarah couldn’t hide her kilig when Richard appeared, handing her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. She even says that she had been telling everyone that Richard was at home.

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People had a lot of comments on the sudden romantic gesture–including a few bitter ones. But hey, it’s still sweet and it’s making people happy.

*sighs* Don’t you just love love?

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