WATCH: Reese Lansangan’s “Grammar Nazi” Used To Teach English To Thai Students

Music really goes beyond touching a listener’s heart and soul. A lot of times, it can touch the mind, too.

Teachers understand the impact of music on the minds of young children, which is why we grow up with nursery rhymes and songs. But nowadays, even pop songs can be used to teach children.

Local indie artist Reese Lansangan just recently discovered that her song, “Grammar Nazi,” is being used to teach English in Thailand.

Watch how the teacher uses Reese’s song for a class game:

According to the video, the song was used to teach the young students about the verb “be”, countable nouns, and using apostrophes.

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Fans of the indie singer were ecstatic and proud to learn that “Grammar Nazi” had reached other countries–and in school, too! Reese was also very honored to have the privilege of helping young children learn.

Be like these kids and learn a thing or two from Reese’s “Grammar Nazi” which you can listen to here.

Congratulations, Reese! Being a part of these children’s education is a truly huge feat. You make us proud!

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