WATCH: Protesters in Lebanon sing “Baby Shark” because a mother said her baby was scared

Protests gather lots of people in one place and where there are protesting people, there is usually noise (unless, of course, it’s a silent protest). This is what a mother and child were met with when they were driving through the streets of Lebanon mid-protest and her son, beside her in the front seat, was frightened by the noise.

She explained to protesters that her son was afraid and what they did next just melted my heart.

Thanks for the animation on road from baby Robin HaddadChabeb furn el chebackAnd the shark Elie-joe Nehme

Posted by Eliane Jabbour on Saturday, October 19, 2019

The song “Baby Shark” has been loved by children all around the world. And so it makes sense to sing it to calm the baby down! That’s exactly what these people did, complete with actions. Can you say: Aww!!? So cute. Our hearts are so warmed by this.

Peep the people dancing in front of the car, too. So adorable. We can’t help but swoon. Faith in humanity somewhat restored!

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