WATCH: Pregnant Cockroach Gives Birth While Being Eaten Alive By Fire Ants

I am not a fan of cockroaches. I mean, come on… who is? Still, I couldn’t help but feel utterly depressed after watching this video of a pregnant cockroach being eaten alive by fire ants. I have to warn you, though: it’s pretty graphic, and might disturb some of you, so make sure you’re ready for it.

Let me just set the record straight before anything else: this video wasn’t shot intentionally. In fact, the owner of the fire ants didn’t know that the cockroach was pregnant when he fed it to his ants. He merely wanted to feed live prey to his ants for a change.

To his surprise, it turns out the cockroach was pregnant and, as a defense mechanism, ejected the egg sack prematurely with hopes of saving her babies.

That isn’t what happened, though. Instead, the babies tried to leave their eggs and instantly got attacked by the fire ants, as well. I started watching the video out of curiosity and midway through it, I just felt really sad. By the end of it, I felt extremely depressed, but for some reason, I couldn’t look away. Watch at your own risk:


Am I the only one who has started to see cockroaches in a different light?