WATCH: Pogba’s inspiring speech right before France won the world cup will hype you up!

Vive la France! What a crazy World Cup season it’s been. We’ve seen some upsets and some tearjerkers this past month but nothing moved us as much as France getting the win and becoming the world champs. Must be an awesome feeling!

We wonder just what riled them up and spurred them to perform the way they did to grab that win. It was an exciting journey, winning game after game and knocking other countries out of the running until they bagged their final win against Croatia in a dramatic battle. It even rained after the match! That’s poetic cinema right there.

Paul Pogba, one of the French players, enlivened his teammates with this motivating speech. Even I was moved to tears! I would definitely want to win after hearing this.

Watch it here:

Congratulations again, France! What a journey. What a final. Finally: World champs. <3

Were you inspired by Pogba’s speech? Let us know!

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