WATCH: Pinay Gets Golden Buzzer in Got Talent España

WATCH Pinay Gets Golden Buzzer in Got Talent España

Dianne Kaye Jacob Ico is the latest in the long line of talented Filipinos making a name abroad. Ico, a 14 year old girl living in Spain, impressed the judges of Got Talent España that she received a golden buzzer. This means that she would go straight to the semi-finals.

Ico sang “Memory,” a song from the musical Cats.

It was  judge Jorge Javier Vázquez, a TV presenter, who pressed the golden buzzer. His co-judges Eva Hache and Edurne agreed that Ico gave a good performance, but the fourth judge, Jesus Vázquez, noted that also she sang off-key. Edurne came to her defense, saying that it was a difficult song to sing.

Ico is a pure-blooded Filipino who was born and raised in Barcelona. Her parents are from Ilocos and Dagupan.

Watch her audition below:

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