WATCH: Pinay deaf vlogger uploads her first vlog and we are shookt!

Jasmin Ariola, who’s a Filipina deaf vlogger, uploaded a teaser video for her first ever vlog.

The vlogger shared on Twitter that her video will be about the styling of clothes. As per Jasmin, she wants to help her followers and even the deaf community in fashion and style. Whether it’s formal wear or casual attire, Jasmin stated in her video that you can use your clothes seven to nine times by just styling it and doing a bunch of mix and matches.

Her teaser video already reached 225K views on Twitter and her followers are in awe! Lots of people are so happy and think that she’s an inspiration to many for starting a vlog.

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Having this kind of disability sometimes hinders you from the things other people can do. But Jasmin is about to prove you guys wrong. With the right amount of confidence, she was able to stand up on her feet and show the world that even the deaf community can be an influencer.

We can’t wait to subscribe to her YouTube channel! What are your thoughts on this?