WATCH: Pia Wurtzbach Takes on the “Eat It or Wear It?” Challenge

It’s official: Pia Wurtzbach is the coolest Miss Universe ever. She plays Final Fantasy, does wacky Snapchats, lipsyncs, and asks a fan wanting to take a photo with her to wait so she could catch a Pokemon. Now, she’s showing her coolness by doing the Eat It or Wear It? challenge. In the video, she is presented with various items, where she has to decide if she will eat it… or wear it.

The items include ranch dressing, oatmeal, yogurt, sriracha, chocolate syrup, prune juice, and curry powder.

Watch the video below:

Miss Universe 2015 – Eat it or Wear itEat it or wear it? I never thought I would have to make the decision!

Posted by Miss Universe on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Which would you eat and which would you wear? Share your thoughts below!

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