WATCH: Philippine Madrigal Singers Cover Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’

There goes the Philippine Madrigal Singers again, bringing in all the feels. I’ve seen the group perform live a few times already, and each time was a high-raising, goosebump-inducing experience. I mean, they’re not known all over the world for nothing.

This time, the pride of the Philippines went on to do a cover of “Circle of Life”, an original song from the 1994 hit Disney animated film, Lion King. In this video posted on YouTube, the group can be seen sitting in a circle on stage, as the voices start filling the room with a perfect melody. As a 90s kid with much love for Lion King (as many of you, I believe), watching the video brought on quite a nostalgic feeling.

Watch the video below:

This performance by the Philippine Madrigal Singers happened at the Tainan Cultural Center-Performance Hall, as part of their MADZ about LOVE 2017 Taiwan Concert Tour.

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