WATCH: Pepe Herrera Stars In Another Hilarious Short by Marius Talampas

Last month, a short film starring actor Pepe Herrera went viral for being downright hilarious. The short film, ‘Yung Dilaw o Yung Puti?’ was a brilliant fusion of director Marius Talampas’s creative genius and Herrera’s outstanding performance–getting more than 750,000 views and 12,000 shares on Facebook (so far).

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Today, this dynamic duo is back with another hilarious short entitled, ‘Wala Yan Sa Lolo Ko.


The film features three characters which are all acted by Pepe Herrera. The three Pepe’s are having a conversation about their grandfathers, each one describing how big his grandfather’s house is.

It’s the classic Pinoy joke where each character tries to one-up the others by telling outrageous stories about their grandfathers. It may be classic, but Pepe’s delivery of the punchline makes it hilarious every time.

The director, Marius Talampas, shares with WhenInManila.com that he and Pepe had been friends since grade school. They’ve been doing short films together since high school where Pepe would act in them.

Direk Marius shares that these newer short films are their way of reminiscing the good old days when they were making videos just for fun–back when no one knew who they were.

He says that it’s all for fun and that they just really wanted to make people laugh.

What do you think of this newest short film?

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