WATCH: Penguins enjoy bubble machine while zoo is still closed

I’m penguining to think they are enjoying the closed zoo.

With zoos still closed, this means that most animals such as these penguins are left without human interaction (or distraction?). In Cornwall, England, the Newquay Zoo is still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the penguins might be a bit sad, they installed a donated bubble machine for them to play.

Looks like these birds are having a grand time.

To help fight loneliness as they are left in solitude, Little Surprises gifting group donated a bubble machine that the zoo had put on their Amazon Wish List.

“It was hilarious watching the penguins frantically waddling and swimming after the bubbles, trying to catch them. It was really entertaining for visitors too but more importantly it worked well as an enrichment tool which is a vital part of our animal welfare programme,” Animal Collections Manager John Meek said.

Animal enrichment programs are quite common in zoos to ensure the creatures stay stimulated, aren’t bored and to encourage their natural behaviors.

“In the wild, these guys are marine predators and they are very sensitive to objects and movement. The bubble machine is fantastic as all the movement and new shapes and colors really stimulate these guys, they have a great time chasing them around.,” Keeper Dan Trevelyan said to Cornwall Live.

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