WATCH: Nico Bolzico’s prank on Solenn Heussaff

It’s no secret that Solenn’s husband, Nico Bolzico is a funny guy, aside from being a total dreamboat. We’re sure both Nico and Solenn have tons of fun in their marriage!

While humor is a great way to keep things fresh in a relationship, we could totally feel for Solenn when Nico pulled on her what is probably the worst prank ever.

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To keep things short, Nico put some powder into Solenn’s blow dryer, waiting to capture the moment she turns her dryer on. And like Solenn’s reaction the moment it happened, we had mixed feelings about it.

Although we’re certain that the Argentine heartthrob meant no ill will, that caused one heck of a messy job! Not to mention, powder in the blow dryer could cause some actual damage to the tool.

It’s a good thing Nico knows how to win Solenn’s heart back. It’s adorable how he likes to have fun, though!

Thoughts on this? Do you think Nico’s prank went too far?