WATCH: The New Trailer for ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Confirms More Monsters

‘A Quiet Place’ was one of those movies that was pleasantly surprising for me. I still remember walking into the movie house without any expectations and walking out completely mind-blown. Well, the sequel is almost among us with its premiere coming up next month, and we have just been given another trailer to get us even more excited for it.

Directed by John Krasinski, who also starred in the first movie, the film still follows the lives of the Abbott family. This time, they get help from a stranger (played by Cillian Murphy) in the same world filled with monsters that kill when they hear noise.

The new trailer looks absolutely promising with more monsters and more action to look forward to this time around. It also looks like they’ll be sharing how the world ended up that way in the first place. Either way, it will definitely have a lot to live up to since the first installment was downright amazing. Watch the trailer here:

‘A Quiet Place 2’ is set to show in cinemas on March 20, 2020. Will you be watching it?

‘A Quiet Place 2’ is distributed in the Philippines by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

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