WATCH: New Nikki Gil And BJ Albert Wedding Video!

Months after renowned videographer Jason Magbanua released the wedding video of Nikki Gil and BJ Albert including the original song, “Right Time”, comes another version of it, this time more cinematic, more insightful and just downright more sentimental.

Nikki Gil BJ Albert wedding video

And just how long does the video run? 15 minutes, but it’s 15 minutes worth of your time.

The new video contains excerpts of Nikki’s and BJ’s wedding vows, as well as speeches from their friends, family and sponsors, including Gary Valenciano and Jose Mari Chan.

Part of Nikki’s wedding vows read:

“It wasn’t a one-time, fireworks, eureka, slow motion, running to each other’s arms kind of moment. It was a gradual but consistent buildup of trust and friendship. We started growing and growing, and before I knew it, had turned into love – the real kind, the God kind. And I knew in my spirit that I was right.”


Watch the video below:

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