WATCH: The New ‘Meteor Garden’ Remake is Coming to Netflix This July!

Late last year, the cast of the new Taiwanese version of ‘Meteor Garden’ was revealed. As months have gone by, true blue ‘Meteor Garden’ fans went nuts keeping up with the news and counting the days until we’d finally get to watch yet another version of the show (‘Boys over Flowers’, which was turned into a show in both Japan and in Korea, also star the legendary F4 guys).

Well, it seems like our dreams are about to come true sooner than we thought.

That’s right. This July 13, ‘Meteor Garden’ is coming to Netflix!!!

Watch the beautiful trailer here:


Whether or not you’ve been an F4 or ‘Meteor Garden’ fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the series if you decide to watch it this time around! Who else is excited for this?