WATCH: New ‘Deadpool’ Short Film Is Getting Us All Excited!


Marvel’s sassiest and most lovable anti-hero is coming back to the big screen. But according to the video released on YouTube by ‘Deadpool’ star, Ryan Reynolds, he’s not coming soon enough.

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Just a few days ago, the official Deadpool movie Facebook page shared a short film entitled ‘No Good Deed’ which may just be the best hint we have on Deadpool 2.

The three-minuter film follows Deadpool taking quite a long time changing into his costume when he assumes the responsibility of saving an old man getting mugged.

The short features Deadpool’s sassy and funny one-liners which got me chuckling to myself while watching it. But the easter eggs and cameos are really the main reason why we’re all geeking out.

There were posters of the newly-released film Logan, the iconic Superman theme song in the background, and a cameo of Stan Lee himself.

It’s Stan Lee!!! In a short film!!!

Some people have already been creating conspiracy theories that the old man that Deadpool failed to save was actually Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben.


Many are speculating that this may be the official trailer for the Deadpool sequel, but the film’s writer, Rhett Reese, ended the rumors on Twitter.

He tweets: “One last thing! The new Deadpool piece is NOT a teaser or trailer. It is a short. None of its footage will appear in Deadpool 2.”

Deadpool 2 has already gotten us freaking out with a three-minute short film! We definitely can’t wait to see the sequel.

Check out the short below:

What did you think of this short film? Did it get you excited just as much as we did? Let us know below!