WATCH: New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Reveals Spider-Man and More Heroes!

The biggest reveal in the latest “Captain America: Civil War” trailer is, finally, the appearance of Spider-Man. But there’s more to it than Spidey showing up to the party.

Apparently, Bucky or the Winter Soldier is back. A little flashback, Bucky was Captain America’s best friend before he fell from a moving train, got retrieved, brought back to life, and then trained to be a soldier by the Soviets.

Captain America Civil War (1)

And it looks like in one of the scenes of this trailer, the Winter Soldier shot the War Machine, who is operated by Tony’s (Iron Man) best friend, Rhodey.

The War Machine looked like he was critically injured or worse, dead.

Captain America Civil War (3)

In another scene, Scarlet Witch appears to be trying to control the Vision. But isn’t the Vision virtually indestructible?

Captain America Civil War (5)

Cut to another scene, Hawkeye shoots an arrow that divides into multiple arrows. On the tip is Ant-Man and we see him land on Iron Man’s suit.

We also see Crossbones in the trailer, beating up Captain America.

Captain America Civil War (6)

And then, more fist fight between Captain America and Iron Man.

Finally, we see Team Captain America and Team Iron Man converge for a fight. It reveals the new heroes but most importantly, it showed Spider-Man in his new suit. He says, “Hey, everyone” to the Avengers and to the entire Marvel universe and the rest of the world.

Captain America Civil War (4)

Watch the full trailer below.

What do you think of Spider-Man’s appearance on this film? What can you say about his new suit?