WATCH: Motorcycle Driver Sprays Water on the Cigarettes of Jeepney Drivers on the Road

We’ve seen a motorcycle driver throw a cigarette butt back at a taxi passenger after they threw a butt out of their window. Well, Nobody Cares – Philippines is back with another similar video – this time focusing on the fact that smoking is prohibited on public utility vehicles, including jeeps.

In this video, an anonymous motorcycle driver goes up to jeepney drivers with a water spray bottle and sprays water onto the cigarettes of the jeepney drivers who are smoking while on the road. Of course, he also reminds each one of them that smoking is prohibited. Watch:

No SmokingLTFRB Memorandum Circular No. 36, S. 2009

“Smoking, or the act of carrying a lighted cigarette or other tobacco product, is prohibited in all public utility vehicles and public transportation terminals.”

Posted by Nobody Cares – Philippines on Monday, August 1, 2016

We’re not entirely sure how effective this gesture was, but we do hope that spreading the video will help remind people to only smoke in designated smoking areas or in areas where other people (especially non-smokers) will not be affected.

Let’s try and do our part in turning our country into a better one, shall we? 🙂

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