WATCH: Motocross in the Philippines… Without Any Motorcycles

WATCH Motocross in the Philippines... Without Any Motorcycles


Motocross  is one of the most intense sporting events out there. If you’re not familiar, it’s an off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed circuits that have hill climbing, creek and log crossings, dirt roads, and wooded trails. It’s exciting to watch, but must be terrifying for racers, who often fly to the sky as they race towards a hill.

Motocross began in the United Kingdom, but has branched out to the United States, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Spain…. and the Philippines?

A video going around social media shows a motocross race in the Philippines… except the racers don’t have motorycles. Instead, they ran around a track racing each other while wearing a helmet. Sounds strange? Watch the whole video below:


Video courtesy of Trending Videos TV


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