WATCH: Moto Razr Takes Us Back to Good Ol’ 2006

Do you still remember what 2006 was like? If not, then you might want to watch this commercial from the Moto Razr and swim in a fit of nostalgia:

Posted by Moto on Thursday, May 19, 2016

The commercial is merely 45 seconds long, but it easily got my heart yearning to go back to that time 10 years ago when flip phones, lazy texting in the form of abbreviations, phone stickers, emo bangs and emo music like Boys Like Girls’ The Great Escape reigned supreme. And is that girl really carrying her backpack on one shoulder? Man, just hearing the song gave me high school goosebumps.

Will Motorola actually be bringing the Moto Razr back? And, more importantly, do you think it will fare well in today’s world of smartphones?