WATCH: Matthew McConaughey “Reacting” To Jollibee’s Commercial Is Hilarious!

If you’re having severe “Monday Blues” today, this video will definitely make you laugh out loud!

Last February 14, Jollibee released their 3-part series for their Valentine’s Day special. As usual, their commercials broke the Internet with massive shares and feels!

paperbug tv jollibee

……Even Matthew McConaughey “reacted” to the series “The Vow.”

As we all know, Paperbug TV creates hilarious videos. Such is this reaction video they recently shared on their YouTube account.

Kudos to Jollibee to making such a wonderful ad, The Vow (Along with Crush and Date). It’s so good even Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar reacted to it.

And this video is by far, the best one for me!

Watch the video below.

This video has already earned more than 70k views on YouTube! Subscribe to their YouTube account for your daily dose of happiness!

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