WATCH: Maja Salvador’s “Wildflower” Helicopter Stunt Has Our Jaws Dropped

Ah, the indestructible Ivy Aguas. The ABS-CBN show “Wildflower” has been heating up our TV and smartphone screens with its explosive scenes and punchline after punchline, and the drama between the Ardientes and Cruzes is showing no signs of slowing down. We have to admit: watching Wildflower and its fiery confrontations (Maja and Aiko in one scene is a definite favorite!) is such a guilty pleasure.

If there’s thing Lily Cruz has shown us, is that she’s pretty badass. Maja is totally killing it not just in the dramatic scenes, but in her own action stunts as well! Check out this jaw-dropping scene, where Maja is dangling from a flying helicopter as she climbs up to confront Aiko Melendez, who is inside. What’s so impressive is that Maja didn’t even use a double and still delivered her lines like a boss as she completed the challenging stunt while tethered to a harness.

What are your thoughts on Maja’s stunt? Let us know in the comments!


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