WATCH: Logic’s Powerful Performance At The VMAs Was About Suicide Prevention And It Was An Emotional Moment

With this year’s MTV Video Music Awards recently concluded, the interwebs are buzzing about all sorts of things about the show–from the designer clothes, to the acceptance speeches, to that certain ~music video~ from a certain singer with the initials “T.S.” you may have heard about. There’s a lot to talk about in the VMAs that sometimes it clouds up the certain moments that should be talked about.

Take, for example, Logic’s emotional performance with “How Far I’ll Go” singer Alessia Cara and Khalid. The three artists performed Logic’s masterpiece of a song entitled “1-800-273-8255”, which is also the USA’s National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

While the song in itself is already very powerful–it speaks about how suicide is not the answer to life’s problems and that there’s always hope available–nothing compares to the moment where the singer was joined on-stage by suicide survivors.

Watch the powerful moment below:

The survivors wore shirts with the suicide hotline printed on the front, and “You are not alone.” on the back.

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This performance proved to be a very emotional moment, with both survivors and music artists in the audience shedding tears. Many applauded Logic for using his platform of music to spread positivity and hope across the globe.

The American rapper ended with an inspirational speech about fighting for the equality that we deserve.

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