WATCH: Lily Collins Battles With Anorexia In Netflix Film ‘To The Bone’

There’s no question that a lot of major issues have been taking centerstage in mainstream entertainment.

Real people with real struggles are given a louder voice through these projects.

The latest one of these is the upcoming Netflix original movie entitled To The Bone.

Lily Collins will take on the role of a teenager battling with anorexia, a medical condition that causes a person to lose appetite for food.

The first trailer for this dramedy has been released online, and it is powerful.

Check it out below:

People are already praising Lily Collins for what seems to be a phenomenal performance, possibly because the film is a very personal project for her since she herself battled with anorexia during her younger years.

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The trailer itself is more than enough proof that To The Bone will be a powerful film that will raise awareness on a real struggle that a lot of people are facing today.

Joining Lily Collins in the cast are Keanu Reeves and Trust star Liana Liberato. The film is set to be released on July 14, on Netflix.

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