WATCH: Let the Philippines Make You Feel Alive

What makes you feel alive?

Elin Fröderberg recently posted a video of her video to the Philippines earlier this year. In the caption of her video on Vimeo, she shares that she went to the Philippines with her drone-loving father and she calls the trip “mind-blowing”.

“Not many things conquer your mind, your body and your soul as much as traveling does,” Erin points out. “Traveling makes you live, traveling makes you experience, traveling makes you feel alive.” Erin was in the country for two weeks and she says they were filled with mighty impressions, unreal adventures and constant reminders – in short: things that made her feel alive. Check out her awesome video here:

The Philippines – what makes you feel alive? from Elin Fröderberg on Vimeo.

The video above was shot in Manila, Busuanga Island and Donsol (+500 other hidden islands, unique villages and beautiful areas).

What makes you feel alive? Share your thoughts with us or contribute to our site on a regular basis! 🙂

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