WATCH: LeBron James grabs a bottle of beer during Game 1 vs. Raptors

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been streamrolling through the 2017 NBA Playoffs. They swept the Indiana Pacers in the first round and are now facing the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

In Game 1, the defending champs jumped out to a hot start and led the game wire-to-wire. The defending champs were enjoying the game as shots kept falling as they went on to build a huge lead in the second half.

That’s when LeBron James decided to give the home crowd something to laugh about. After failing to convert an and-one opportunity in the third quarter, James jogged to the sideline and grabbed a beer bottle from a lady and almost took a swig from it.


That got JR Smith, and the Cavs, laughing. After the game, James said he is “not much of a beer guy” but he would have taken a sip if the lady had red wine.

Did you know LeBron liked wine more than beer?


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