WATCH: LDR Couple Spends Wedding Anniversary in Stunning Palawan

Palawan is absolutely gorgeous! In fact, it is currently one of my favorite islands. As such, I’m not really surprised when Mariel Amorin shared that this island is where she spent her first wedding anniversary with her husband.

Mariel and her husband are currently in a long distance relationship and have been in one for almost four years now. In fact, just a week after their wedding, Mariel had to go back to the US right away. Since she gets to visit the Philippines once a month every year, it is only apt that she came for their wedding anniversary and it was definitely a great move for them to decide to travel to Palawan. Check out their spectacular video below:


Palawan, Philippines from Mariel Amorin on Vimeo.

Mariel shares that they had always wanted to visit Palawan because they had seen a lot of pictures and videos of the place online. “I just thought I might share our love story and be an inspiration to other couples in long distance relationships,” Mariel says. She adds, “Distance and time zones really don’t matter if you really love someone.”

In order to survive an LDR, Mariel says that communication really is the key. “We always make sure we talk over skype/facetime or viber everyday. (Thank heavens for technology! Lol) We actually made our schedule every single day regardless kung may work or wala. I think yung love naman hindi na mawawala sa amin but we just have to make sure we have the patience and trust for our relationship to work,” she shares.

Got any tips of your own for couples in long distance relationships? 🙂