WATCH: Lana Del Rey is Back and the World is a Better Place

WATCH- Lana Del Rey is Back and the World is a Better Place


Lana Del Rey made the world #shookt when she came out in 2012 with Born to Die, a seductive album with her melancholic music and hypnotic vocals. This was followed by hit after hit, culminating in the 2015 masterpiece Honeymoon, with many critics praising it as her best album to date. And then she stopped making music. After a two year break, the singer is back with “Love,” the first single of her fifth studio album. And there’s a music video. Oh, gosh, what a time to be alive.

Watch the music video below:

In 2015, Del Rey announced that her new album will be more “pop-friendly” and will have a “New York style” sound, and to be a little harder, faster, more upbeat, and less dreamy. But it looks like she’s sticking to her formula (which is great, by the way), because “Love” is still dreamy.

Even the music video has that Lana Del Rey vibe, with cars floating through space and people swimming in a lake, with another planet in the background.

There’s no word when her fifth album will come out.

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