WATCH: Lady Gaga Gets Vulnerable On Her Netflix Documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two”

Celebrities have been getting real with the public for the past months.

Many of them have been sharing a lot of their lives with the public through social media, and it has given a whole new perspective to fame and a new side to the lives of the famous.

Lady Gaga will be giving her fans a glimpse of the life she has when all the lights are turned off, she’s out of her costumes, and the loud music fades into silence. Through her social media account, she teases the public with a few clips from her upcoming Netflix documentary entitled Gaga: Five Foot Two.

In this emotional clip, we hear Lady Gaga weeping as she talks to her best friend, celebrity stylist Brandon Maxwell, about her loneliness. She emotionally talks about people leaving and her being alone every night.

In another clip, Gaga lets us in on her medical condition as she’s seen sitting in a doctor’s office as a medical professional talks about the plans for treatment on Gaga’s chronic pain.

And in the latest teaser that the singer shared, she also openly talks about her feud with pop icon Madonna.

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Even with just these few teasers, we can already agree that this is probably the most vulnerable that we’ve seen of Lady Gaga. Gaga: Five Foot Two looks like it’s going to introduce us to the real Lady Gaga.

This documentary is set to be released on September 22, on Netflix.

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