WATCH: Kids Try Chocnut, Halo-Halo, and Other Filipino Snacks

On the recent video posted by React on YouTube, eight kids had a little exposure to our well-loved Filipino snacks due to insistent public demand.

Anita, Dominick, Jenna, Katrina, Lucas, Max, Royel, and Sydney tried Filipino snacks including Boy Bawang (cornick), Mocca cake, chocnut, sampalok, and halo-halo.

From the video, it looks like halo-halo is in the running for their top pick.

Watch the full video below.

Some kids were fan of cornick since it is adobo-flavored. One even said the he loved it that he wanted to take it home.

When it came to the Mocca cake, some were not a fan. Some said it is like cake but it is “too dry” and it “tastes terrible.”

Halo-halo is their top pick. Some even recommend it and said that “it is probably the most delicious dessert they’ve tasted.”

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